Social Media Product Launch Strategy

Our Services Social Media Research and Discovery, Social Media Strategy, Editorial Calendar Creation, Founder Personal Brand Strategy

What We Did

We started with Social Media Research and Discovery to inform our on-going Social Media Strategy, and conducted a competitor analyses and social media audit.

Using our findings from the Research and Discovery, we developed a Social Media Strategy which included a Brand Voice, Brand Guidelines, Channel Strategy, Content Pillars, Content Campaigns, and Community Management tactics.

We created an Instagram grid which serves as a “placeholder” on the account page to give visitors a taste of the brand aesthetic and target audience, until the official launch of the products and account.

Lastly, we created a personal Instagram strategy for the founder of Kulia to help her cultivate a strong online presence, engage with her community, and cross-promote the Kulia products.

What We Accomplished

We created a cohesive brand experience which conveys a strong brand aesthetic and lifestyle, and speaks directly to the target audience.

We trained the founder in social media best practices, content creation strategies, and community management tactics and helped her establish a meaningful online presence.