the founders
Sarah-Maeve has worked in the digital marketing industry since 2010, with a focus on social media. Before co-founding Daffodil Digital, she worked at agencies, specializing in social media and integrated digital brand strategies. She started her career in social media at VaynerMedia, and then worked as a digital strategist at The OutCast Agency. When Sarah-Maeve is not at her desk, she is likely escaping to ride horses. She might even be taking your call from atop a horse - you never know if she is on two or four feet!
Jenny Frank has been working in the social digital marketing space since 2006. Originally from the east coast, she worked on the sales marketing and social media teams at DailyCandy in New York City for 4 years. Jenny then moved to the Bay Area and joined The OutCast Agency where she spent 5 years on the digital team. In her spare time, you’ll find Jenny doing pilates, seeking out her next slice of pizza, or planning the next trip with her husband. (check out #jfsjourneys on Instagram!)
our story
It’s pretty simple. We worked together for over two years and realized we made a darn good team. So, it may sound cliché, but we were literally just two gals sipping red wine watching a Warriors game, when one said to the other: “let’s just do our own thing, you in?” And, that was that. We used the code name “Project Warrior” until we were officially Daffodil Digital. The Warriors went on to win the 2015 National Championship that year, so we're pretty sure that was a good sign!
our team
Mattie Mackes began her career in social and digital marketing in 2016, shortly after graduating from Chapman University in sunny Southern California. As a marketing associate, she focuses on the development and management of social media content programs for a variety of Daffodil Digital clients. In her free time, you can find Mattie out and about in the Bay Area - she’s always on the hunt for a new adventure (and a ‘grammable view)!
Mo is our top dog pawtner at Daffodil Digital. His role at the company spans from providing comic relief, welcomed and un-welcomed kisses, constant crumb patrol, and frequently starring in photo shoots. Mo hails from Southern California, and after years of working in the field he opted for a desk job. When Mo is not at work, you can find him exploring the parks and beaches of San Francisco. Follow his adventures on Instagram.
why daffodil
You may be wondering, why we chose “Daffodil Digital." Well, there are a few reasons... One: the flower symbolizes new beginnings, something that felt right since we were about to embark on this new business journey together. Two: the flower blooms in the Spring, which was when we decided to go out on our own. Three: the center of the flower is in the shape of a trumpet. Trumpets amplify sound, and well, we amplify brand messages. Fun Fact: we’ve since been given the nickname “The Daffodils” by clients and friends. We like it, it just fits.
our values